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Vattanac Bank is a Cambodian-owned bank offering retail and commercial banking services. Its head office is located at Level 2, Vattanac Capital, a landmark building in Phnom Penh. The Bank commenced operations on 8 November 2002, Vattanac Bank has 30+ branches in Phnom Penh and Provinces.

To Vattanac bank, human resource is the heart of our business. We believe that by nourishing talent and providing an exceptional working environment we can create an exemplary team. We are now looking for individuals with qualities and qualifications that align with our core values, and with big dreams and aspirations to achieve great things.

If you’re a passionate, hard-working individual keen to develop your professional career, Vattanac Bank is the perfect fit for you.

No. Job Title No. of Positions Location Opening Date Closing Date Apply Now
1 CCTV Controller 1 Head Office 08-Dec-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply
2 Clerk, Credit Admin 1 Stueng Mean Chey Bridge 02-Dec-2023 02-Jan-2024 Apply
3 Manager, Network Security 1 Head Office 01-Dec-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply
4 Clerk, Service Ambassador 1 PP & Provincial Branches 20-Oct-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply
5 Officer, Deposit Advisor 1 PP & Provincial Branches 13-Nov-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply
6 Branch Manager 1 Boeng Tumpun, Sen Sok, Snoul, Kamrieng, Bavet, Ang 02-Oct-2023 31-Dec-2023 Apply
7 Officer, Loans Advisor 1 PP & Provincial Branches 13-Nov-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply
8 Senior Officer, Legal 1 Head Office 06-Oct-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply
9 Operations Officer 1 PP & Provincial Branches 14-Nov-2023 30-Dec-2023 Apply
10 Deputy Branch Manager 1 Phnom Penh and Provincial Branches 14-Nov-2023 01-Jan-2024 Apply